Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023 – Slot machines are the kings of casino games – and they are all the rage. A few years ago slot machines were associated with smoky bars, today online slots are more popular than ever. We have compiled the best online slots. You can try any game for free and without registration or play for real money at one of the online casinos we have tested.

There is a huge number of online casinos in Germany and Austria where you can play an incredible amount of online and real money slots. We checked all the important aspects and checked all providers. Also, we always show which slot machine is available in which casino.

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

Our test reports are often about security. Nobody wants to play at a real money site that doesn’t pay out potential winnings. To rule out these unpleasant surprises, we only list online casinos that have been carefully tested by us personally for reliability and security.

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RTP stands for Return to Player and describes the payout percentage of an online casino. The higher the RTP, the more bets are returned to players.

Among all casino games, slot machines have a special place in Germany and are very popular. A few years ago, colored machines were mainly found in restaurants and bars. In recent years, however, digital alternatives have also become increasingly popular, offering a number of advantages.

The fact that online slots are becoming increasingly popular in Germany is also reflected in the fact that they are gaining in importance among online games. There are more and more channels on the Twitch streaming platform, where thousands of fans regularly watch their favorite streamers play online slots.

Some live streamers find streamers’ emotional outbursts amusing, others have a personal interest in casino gambling, and still others are supporters of certain personalities in front of the screens.

Online Casinos Ohne Deutsche Lizenz

In fact, some slots are so popular in the community that they have led streamers to compose songs in honor of slots. A prime example of this is the song “Alge”, which streamer Knossi recorded in 2020 and even reached the German charts.

The song is about the Razor Shark slot from developer Push Gaming – undoubtedly one of the most popular slots. This slot can only be played online and is one of the fastest variants currently available on the market.

Modern design, innovative features and community enthusiasm have accelerated the success of online slots on the German-speaking Internet and made digital slots a real alternative for casual entertainment.

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

The end of the boom is far in sight. On the contrary: We assume that the scene will continue to grow, that new streamers will appear and perhaps new variants of online casinos will emerge.

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Many casino friends like to follow the trend and play the hottest titles. There are also real classics that have been part of the casinos’ favorite program for years – whether stationary or online. The following three slot machines are currently particularly popular.

Push Gaming’s Razor Shark slot is particularly popular with casino streamers. Razor Shark made Knossi famous in pop culture with his song “Alge”. Also in the editorial office

The theme is underwater in a coral reef where dangers lurk with various sharks. The playing field consists of 20 rows (5 x 4) and you can win a maximum of 50,000 times the stake. The volatility is moderately high and the RTP is a good 96.70%.

Like many other slots, Book of Dead is a game based on Egyptian mythology. The Play’n GO slot machine has become a real classic among online slot machines. The game principle is similar to Book of Ra. The special thing is that all picture symbols trigger a win of two symbols per line.

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Book of Dead has a payout percentage of 95.60%. You can also use risk games to multiply your potential winnings. There you are given a deck of cards and have to guess the color of the top card.

Novoline’s Book of Ra slot is perhaps the classic par excellence that has already made a name for itself in pubs. In 2011, the software provider decided to release the mega hit game as an online version, leading to another triumph.

The theme is the Egyptian sun god Ra and a mysterious book that can play out the winnings. The maximum possible amount is 5,000 euros. There are nine paylines and the payout percentage is 95.26%.

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

There is a certain technique behind slot machines in the stationary version and in online casinos. The player bets a single amount while spinning a series of symbol reels. Each reel must stop at a random position. If matching symbols appear in a row, the player wins. The rarer some symbols appear, the higher the chance of winning.

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The random number generator in online casinos is of course controlled by a computer. In stationary casinos and arcades, chance is generated purely mechanically. This

(RNG) generates a random number that is assigned to the reels to signal them to stop. However, the game must eventually stop at a randomly determined point and determine the outcome of the spin.

ℹ️ Want to learn more about how slots work offline or online? Our editorial team has collected valuable information for you here.

Basically, online casinos can distinguish different categories of slot machines. Over time, slots have become more diverse and creative as software developers keep coming up with something new.

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In order to have fun playing online slots and not lose too much money, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind. It is always useful to read the game manual before playing, as each machine has its own peculiarities and surprises.

ℹ️ Experienced players always find time before each new slot to understand the exact rules and special features of online slots and to use them in their game.

If you want to try a new slot, you should try the free version first – to familiarize yourself with features like bonus rounds and free spins. For most online slots you can do it right here

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

Of particular importance are the values ​​of individual winning symbols and the meaning of special symbols such as wild and scatter. In our tests of individual machines, all special features are explained in detail and clearly.

Beste Online Casinos

Typically, slot machines use randomly generated values ​​calculated by independent computers to indicate winning symbols. That said, as with all games of chance, chance plays a big part. The online casino has no influence on the payout percentage as it is set by the game providers.

Next, you should define a strategy for your bets. When playing online slots for real money, it is usually recommended to play on as many paylines as possible with a small deposit. Mathematically, you are more likely to win with small multi-line bets than with large single-line bets.

As a general rule, you should also spread your bets so that you can get at least 100-150 spins on the “machine” – that’s how long it usually takes to get free spins on a volatile online slot.

As a player, you have the chance to win particularly high winnings in the free spins – because there are hidden progressive multipliers or other features with which you can win up to 1000 times your deposit. So-called volatile slots are particularly popular in the poker scene.

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High volatility means the slot is relatively rare to win, but it turns out that’s even more the case. Extremely high winnings are only possible with this type of online slots and they represent the greatest advantage over classic casino games. These slots are mostly used by experienced players who also know how to assess the risk accordingly.

Find out about the volatility (often called variance) of every online slot with our in-depth slot reviews. This ensures that you only play slots that suit your style. If you are more concerned with security, you should first choose a slot with low volatility.

Another value that is often used when comparing slots is the average payout percentage. This value is also called Return to Player or RTP for short. In our slot reviews we give the RTP of each machine. The payout percentage indicates what percentage of the bet is returned to the player on average on each spin.

Beste Online Casinos Osterreich Legal Spielen: Januar 2023

For most online slots this is around 92% – 97%. This means that for every euro you spend, you’ll win back an average of 92 to 97 cents. However, the winnings are of course not paid out evenly – which creates the huge multipliers that can be achieved with an online slot.

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Incidentally, these values ​​are excellent compared to a classic pub or arcade. The payout rates there are sometimes as low as 80% – a really good deal for operators.

Please note: RTP values ​​can vary from casino to casino for the same games. It is therefore always advisable to compare games across platforms – also across providers.

Above all, don’t waste time on slots that don’t immediately appeal to you. There is no point in playing an online slot just because the payout percentages are particularly high if not

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