New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino – Building a successful iGaming roadmap relies heavily on an organization’s ability to leverage both the value chains and technology infrastructure of iGaming while balancing the integration of omnichannel loyalty experiences.

1. Build a Market-Ready Strategic iGaming Platform: A step-by-step model that guides you through key decision points to develop an iGaming roadmap that balances risk and return.

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

Create an iGaming strategy that balances risk and return by using iGaming value chains and technology architectures to determine which technologies to acquire, automation processes and requirements to include in the RFP.

Step 3d Infographic. Timeline Graph Chart, Workflow Business Presentation Template, Flowchart Structure Stock Vector

2. iGaming Strategy Workbook – An Excel workbook that supports every step of the plan to help you achieve your goals.

Key tasks include writing user scenarios, journey mapping, prioritizing requirements, initial documentation and finally creating iGaming roadmaps using Gantt chart visualization.

Workshops provide an easy way to accelerate your project. If you cannot do the project yourself and guided implementation is not enough, we offer delivery of our low-cost project workshops. We take you through every phase of your project and make sure you have a road map to successfully complete your project.

Incorporating iGaming helps operators digitally transform their business into a platform provider, which has become an important model to stay relevant in an industry with major digital disruption.

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However, a successful iGaming strategy is highly dependent on balancing risk and return. The first is an ideal world, although possible; offering an omni-channel loyalty experience where operators can increase the engagement of new and existing players. The latter is a fact of the user’s environment; The performance of incremental returns will be based on your organization’s success in identifying and combating the technological and business risks of iGaming.

In this report, we use Info-Tech’s digital business strategy to measure risk and performance by analyzing the value chains and technology structure of iGaming to identify which technologies to acquire, automation processes and requirements to include in the RFP.

Your customers are going digital. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift in consumer behavior and preferences with a heightened digital trend.

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Players see iGaming offerings as similar, so it’s hard to decide how to tell them apart.

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Limited experience in iGaming startups. The presence of iGaming makes a small footprint in North America, making its launch a new and uncertain journey for many casino users.

Ability to reduce risk. An ad hoc approach will create risks and undermine iGaming processes, which may have a negative impact on the relationship with those most expected in the iGaming field, including players and regulators.

Capitalize on iGaming value chains to create a comprehensive list of user scenarios, which lend themselves to field engineering.

Build the iGaming technical architecture based on the organization’s unique set of needs, capabilities and strategic market position.

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Create a unified roadmap that considers the steps and requirements involved in each step in Info-Tech’s iGaming evolution to prepare the organization for long-term success in the iGaming space.

Building a successful iGaming roadmap relies heavily on an organization’s ability to leverage both the value chains and technology infrastructure of iGaming, while balancing the integration of omnichannel loyalty experiences.

A path of slow growth. The level of sports betting has grown, but the regulatory environment for iGaming has unfortunately stagnated in the US.

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

Getting up to speed in iGaming. With the approval of Ontario’s iGaming regulations in 2022, the rest of Canada is looking to the province as a model.

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North American model. Most of Western Europe already regulates real-money online gambling, and its operators and technology providers are considered more knowledgeable.

An untapped market. APAC citizens are limited to gambling, offshore casinos or gray markets due to strong government sanctions on online gambling.

Countries with the largest number of land-based gambling such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are championing the growth of digital iGaming.

It offers iGaming through worldwide casinos connected to two federal states: Mohegan (Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment) and Mashantucket Pequot (Foxwoods Casino).

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Regulators have approved global casinos and 12 recognized national operators to offer iGaming. At the end of 2021, 14 online casinos were in operation.

Online gaming operators must partner with a land-based casino as a condition. By the end of 2021, a total of 30 online casinos were in operation.

Land-based operators are permitted to offer iGaming through an affiliated online casino platform. In 2021, a total of 18 online casinos were in operation.

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

Online gaming operators must cooperate with state casinos. By the end of 2021, there are only five online casinos left in total.

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The market is open to independent gaming operators who have entered into operating agreements with the IGO and AGCO. As of April 2022, 13 iGaming operators are registered.

The market is open with ten iGaming licensed operators. In order to qualify for this license, the license holder must stop offering online gambling to Dutch consumers for two years.

Online gaming operators must cooperate with a land-based casino as a legal condition. As of March 2021, eight online casinos have been launched.

A licensed operator anywhere in the European Economic Area, with a minimum gambling profit of 1.5 million euros in the last two years is authorized to apply and operate an online casino.

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To operate in the UK, operators must apply for a UK gambling operator’s licence. Established and new users should consider the new responsible gaming rules that will come into effect in September 2022.

While iGaming has primarily been an underappreciated product offering, there have been signs of change (consumer, competition, technology or otherwise) that have shown a departure from the status quo and a significant focus on this online revenue stream.

COVID-19 was a prime example of the casino industry’s tendency to hyperactivity. An effective strategy will prepare for any potentially catastrophic economic situation, such as a recession or a pandemic.

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

Operators can integrate their markets, both physical and online, so that players can see a truly seamless experience across all channels. The lack of fluidity experienced by consumers in other industries should be addressed and improved in the casino industry.

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It’s not “business as usual” anymore. We are in a “new normal” and this era involves a lot of digital technology. Even though casinos are seeing pre-pandemic revenue numbers, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make changes to current operations. Consider first the digital consumer lifestyle where the ability to offer a product online is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation.

Operators using iGaming offer an additional experience product for consumers to experience without the need for a physical location or spending physical assets.

Transform your operations by becoming a platform provider. Penn National Gaming Example – Pivot from heavy goods to platform-scale model

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become a way for casinos to divest assets and focus solely on operations.

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As iGaming and sports betting are seen as huge opportunities for expansion, operators are looking to acquire digital assets and/or create digital units as tools to focus and succeed in the online market.

The combination of asset lightness and digital presence has enabled operators to become platform providers by integrating operations between digital platforms and land-based casinos while leveraging a flexible, streamlined and reliable product-centric foundation.

IGaming enables the Casino-as-a-Platform Enable platform model by combining two rich platform strategies: Player Journey Ecosystem and Digital Experience Platform(s)

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

The player travel ecosystem is supported by digital experience platforms that are various lines of business and revenue streams used to build the knowledge economy. Each digital experience platform is used to curate content, deliver seamless interactions, and orchestrate value across ecosystems. The combination of these digital information platforms is the glue that binds the ecosystem of the player’s journey from line to venue.

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The Future of iGaming Once your strategy is in place, consider iGaming trends and its place in the experience roadmap in the coming years.

Online crypto and NFT casinos have disrupted this space with markets that have been powered for a long time. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs offer the opportunity to enable a for-profit gaming model, a modern way that can be used to promote gaming. However, its flexibility and regulated market leave users wondering when a takeover might happen.

The pandemic has driven a cultural shift from millennials to Gen-Z, and the industry is looking at what investments will need to be made in the world of virtual reality. A more logical step than crypto adoption, operators will still have their work cut out for them with the need to create a metaverse from scratch. The challenge will be to establish KYC, AML and RG standards in the virtual world.

Walk before you run. The future of iGaming is promising; however, operators should not worry too much about the speed of deployment of new and emerging technologies. As with a greenfield project, your organization will need to focus on needs before looking.

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Promotion and content draw attention to the online casino, but omnichannel loyalty keeps players and creates a brand experience.

Whether your organization decides to adopt early or late, any casino that takes the time to plan an iGaming strategy will maximize profits and minimize risks.

“If we launch off-cycle, we don’t have to compete in terms of the cacophony of voices and media spend there.”

New Step By Step Roadmap For Online Casino

It is very profitable

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